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Cape Breton County, Inverness County, Antigonish County, Guysborough County & Richmond County.

Real Estate Photography Services

What we do.

Your one-stop real estate photography service. We specialize in quality photography, captivating video, detailed laser measured floorplans, and immersive 3D walkthroughs. Elevate your property listings with our comprehensive visual solutions, attracting potential buyers and maximizing your sales success.

See our detailed services below.

Custom Virtual Tour Page

Our Virtual Tour Page:

Our custom virtual tour webpage is designed to showcase your space like never before. Impress your Sellers and potential buyers with a custom virtual tour page of the property, and redefine the way your audience experiences and connects with your listings.

Exterior Video

Elevate your listings with our cinematic touch and make a lasting impression on potential buyers. Try our exterior 4K drone video services.

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Interior Photography

As a REALTOR, your focus should be on doing what you do best. Photographing your own listings should be a thing of the past. Our interior photography services are quick and simple.

Interactive 3D Walkthrough

The iGUIDE camera system quickly and accurately documents spaces so you can virtually share, communicate your listings to the world. Creating an immersive 3D tour and accurate laser measurements and floorplans. Your Seller's will love it!


No more measuring your listings! Our detailed floorplans provide detailed measurements in both meters and feet for every room in the house. The floorplans and 3D walkthrough are great tools to assist in selling your listings!

Aerial Photography

Soar to new heights with our drone photography services. Elevate your visual storytelling as we capture stunning aerial perspectives, showcasing your property in a unique and captivating light.


Our pricing is tailored based on the unique needs of the REALTOR and the property. With considerations for home size, location, and specific services required, we offer customized quotes to ensure you receive the most accurate and cost-effective solution. Contact us directly for a personalized quote that aligns perfectly with your vision and budget.

Drone Lens

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Cape Breton County, Inverness County, Antigonish County, Guysborough County, and Richmond County.


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