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3D tours and floor plans provide the property information buyers are looking for.


iGUIDE® makes 3D interactive walkthroughs through the use of 360° images and a user friendly platform. The results; faster decision making, better planning, and most importantly making your listing stand out! Enhance your marketing strategy with iGUIDE® and generate more prominent leads without buyers even stepping foot into the home.

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What is Provided

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360° images – Visually explore whatever you want from the perspective of someone standing in the property. Get a more immersive visual experience than with still photos alone.

Floor Plans – A great way to represent a space in 2 dimensions and understand an entire property at a glance. They give context for each room relative to the whole and help with planning and decision making. They are an interactive part of the iGUIDE® 3D tour and can be downloaded.

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Square Footage and Dimensions – iGUIDE® camera’s time-of-flight laser scanner gives confidence in measurements. Square footage/floor areas attach value to a property and are used in real estate listings, comparables analysis, and Automated Valuation Models. Every iGUIDE® 3D tour provides detailed and defensible square footage analysis.

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